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Value analysis, strategic planning and implementation

We support our clients while carrying out a value-added business component analysis. In cooperation with clients, we develop strategies to enhance activities that add value and monitor their implementation. We carefully ensure the fit between corporate structures and core skills to facilitate the successful implementation of strategies.

Corporate communications and public relations

We support our clients during the development and implementation of a corporate communications concept that is designed to support both the chosen strategy and the corporate culture of the organisation. Thanks to our fast and uncomplicated approach, we give businesses in crisis situations the means to quickly and efficiently inform employees and the media and to implement effective crisis management.


Project management and the temporary outsourcing of management support

Our speciality is the planning, implementation and controlling of project management. Apart from issue management, we also work with our customers to implement strategically crucial projects. We support our clients in all phases of project management from planning to implementation as part of a sensible restructuring package.
We can also provide temporary management support if required.