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We offer our clients solid management support from idea development through to implementation and controlling.

Value analysis, strategic planning and implementation, corporate communications and public relations are just some of our areas of expertise. The main focus of our work is on project management and temporary management support.

We believe that close co-operation and a personal relationship with the project management team is of the utmost importance. We turn management consulting into a personal business.

Our work is based on a small team of qualified specialists who are available at short notice and can tackle complex problems effectively.

Clients gain a competitive advantage through:

  • Precise analysis tailored to each customer's requirements and environment
  • State-of-the-art problem-solving methods
  • Development of recommendations in cooperation with the client
  • Personal support during the implementation phase through to monitoring, project management or project support.

Founded in 1989, Dynapro Ltd. is located in Unteraegeri (Zug), Switzerland.

Dynapro Ltd.
Hoehenweg 57
CH-6314 Unteraegeri/Zug
Telefon +41(0)41 759 09 09
Fax +41(0)41 759 09 05